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Vegetable gardening in June

Vegetable gardening in PEI in mid to late June. Finally, the days are long and warmer......for this year it looks like we are out of the time for frost risk. Now is the time to plant more or for the first time this year. Plant your seeds, such as beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, carrots and beets. Put in all your plants, such as tomatoes, peppers,...

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Bring Colour Into Your Life With Cold Hardy Planters

Early May is still pretty cold in PEI with occasional sunny days, giving us some warmth. If we are putting out annuals, we need to prepare them for some cold nights. One could choose begonias and geraniums which require bringing them out during the day and remember to bring them inside at night. These kinds of plants don’t like cold and will just...

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Fruit Trees – What Should You Plant For Success?

Is your home a fruit producer? PEI is a good fruit growing region. So what fruit trees grow for the region. Fruit trees to consider are apples, pears, plums and cherries. A few peach trees will tolerate PEI climate, they are not as productive as other fruit trees here on PEI. It is important to discover if your fruit tree of choice needs another...

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Edible Gardening: How To Get Started This Year With Your Vegetable Garden

So you have decided it is time to feed yourself. You have a little time on your hands and want to make sure you have some food security. It would be lovely to have some food in the freezer or maybe to just eat fresh. What is great about gardening, is that today you can start and try to grow something and next year you can try something different....

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