Our Products

Chosen with care, we offer a wide variety of high-quality garden products.


The Island Pride Garden Co has numerous different annuals to choose from. Annuals will bloom all summer long and will not come back next year.

Annuals are used as a group or mixed with a perennial garden. Perfect for containers and windboxes.


The Island Pride Garden Company has over 300 varieties of perennials.

Perennials are planted for their blooms and the foliage color and variety of textures. Perennials will return from year to year and spread the work load of the garden out over a longer period of time.


From hardy rugosa roses to the more ornamental trees and shrubs such as flowering crabapples and dwarf conifers. We have an assortment of fruit trees and vines that rounds out the collection for those looking for diversity from the small collections available elsewhere.

We back it up with lots of gardening experience to solve those gardening issues you have.

vegetable plants

We have your veggie starts to get you going this spring. Everything from cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli.


We carry a wide variety of high-quality seeds from seed producers you know and trust.

soil and mulch

Grower mix, potting mix, multi mix, sheep manure, 10-10-10 for 6-12-12 fertilizer. Bulk black and natural mulch, seafood compost, and topsoil available to be delivered or loaded in your trailer or truck.

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